According to the official e-visa site you can apply for an 'urgent' e-visa for $50 and it will be ready within 3 hours. (The standard e-visa being $23 and ready within 3 days) Israeli citizens can also obtain a normal visa on arrival at the airport in Azerbaijan for $26. The time to collect depends on how many flights have come in, and how many ...


TIMATIC, the database used by airlines, is crystal clear: Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be valid for the period of intended stay. So no, you don't need to renew any passports.


Canada does not appear to have "6 month rule". From the government website: All international travellers must carry acceptable identification and a valid visa (if necessary) when entering Canada. A passport is recommended because it is the only reliable and universally-accepted travel and identification document for the purpose of international travel. ...

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