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No. And there shouldn't be any reason for it. Alcohol is sold freely in Israel without any serious prohibition except for the usual underage and licensing rules. This includes an Israeli cruise line company that operates from Israel and sells alcohol at all times, including in the territorial waters of Israel. All food is generally allowed to be sold, ...


The Israel Ministry Of Health published this guidance on returning to Israel: Who is permitted to enter Israel? Entry into Israel is permitted to any citizen or resident of Israel, but they are obliged to be isolated upon their arrival from abroad. All foreign nationals are denied entry to Israel. In exceptional cases, one may apply for approval of the ...


You need to belong to an HMO aka sick fund aka קופת חולים. If you do then you can already schedule the first shot from their app or over the phone. If you're not, I can't see how you'll get the shot. Even when the shot is not administered by the HMO, it's tied to your health records in your HMO.


As far as I can tell, from my own knowledge and experience in Israel, the answer is more simple than most think: vandalism. Israel got lots of teenagers who are damaging public property on purpose, wherever and whenever they can. The reasoning for them doing it is beyond the scope of this question and site, so I won't go there. Toilet seats are also one of ...

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