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Because the airline may apply its own rules, or the rules of a jurisdiction over which it flies, or departs from, or lands at, the best answer will come from the operating carrier, the airline that actually provides the airplane and crew. Whatever they say the rules what the rules are. Ask them.


The limits on serving alcohol are going to be governed by the airspace you are in, and the company rules of the airline operating the flight. On a flight from Dublin to Vancouver you will be in the airspace of only Ireland or Canada (possibly Greenland). All of those permit drinking by 20 year olds, so you are both fine from a legal point of view. An airline ...


I learned a little Irish-Gaelic at my local Irish Club where we had lessons. I taught my son a few phrases and when he said 'Conas ta tu?' (How are you), to his Italian friend Eduardo, he understood it and answered in Italian, as the Italian translation is Com e sta (I'm not sure of the spelling). There aren't many similarities, but I love the fact that many ...

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