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Yes this is allowed. Before 2017, Bangladesh passport holders were required to exit from the same point by which they entered India or apply to have it changed. This restriction was relaxed in 2017, so that major points of entry/exit were excluded from this requirement. As per new rules, Bangladesh citizens having Indian visa can enter and exit from any of ...


Given huge diversity that you find in India, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer. As your concern is maximum summer temperature of 25-26 (strech to 30 maybe), your options are limited to mountaneous regions (Himalyas/Shivaliks/Ghats). The biggest hill stations in India are: Shimla Manali Dalhousie Mussourie Nainital Down South there are fewer ...


Short Answer - This would depend on the carrier airlines. Bureau of Civil Aviation security mandates no separate ID is required for infants/minors travelling with their parents. The airlines may require an age proof to ensure infant qualifies for infant fare. If you don't provide a proof, you may need to pay full fare to travel. A birth certificate is ...


Personal experience : I think birth certificate would be sufficient.


No, you don't. There is a diversion for International transfers at the Delhi Airport right before the Immigration checkpoint. After landing, you'll enter the arrival level of the airport. From there, you can head towards International transfers and finally, from there, you can board your next flight on the departure level.


If you like real adventure (with the possibility of getting stuck), yes it is a good time. According to me April/May is the best time to visit as you will see snow and clear sky. The transition from cold harsh winter to moderate climate is worth visiting. Check the blog. It captures the experience nicely.

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