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According to a comment on, the restaurant Zum Mühlberg is also called Schnitzelfabrik: Die Schnitzelfabrik wird das Gasthaus auch genannt die waren früher schon in Reperndorf erste Sahne Riesen Portionen und auch günstig. Kein Nobelschuppen sondern ne schöne kleine Kneipe mit Biergarten. Translation: The inn is also called schnitzel factory, ...


The place in the photograph is actually located in Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, in Taiwan, probably during the Sakura Festival. Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village was established in 1986; total area is 62 hectares. The culture village features aboriginal cultures, combining tourism, culture and educational functions. It is located in Yuchi, Nantou ...


I was able to find two self-service junkyards in Indianapolis (none in Bloomington) which were large enough to bother with visiting. These allow you to enter for a small fee, find the parts you want, pull them out and then pay for those parts as you leave. U-Pull-&-Pay (map) is located north of downtown Indianapolis and has a $2 per person admission fee....


There is/was a sizeable junkyard associated with Bloomington Auto Parts, just north of Bloomington. It was clearly visible from SR-37 back before the I-69 project, and while I no longer live in the area, I would be surprised if it had been moved since then. Note that the aerial imagery used by Google predates the I-69 project, and does not accurately ...


Ancient electric poles ? There seems to be some doohickey on the top of the horizontal beam that would hold the lines.


148 and 150 10th Ave Bikeway. This is the location of the partly visible houses on the left, 148 and 150, which are two spite houses. An owner of the house at 150 built the house right up to the property line, to which the owner of 148 responded by building his house so that it touched 150. To find this, I downloaded the original resolution image from ...


I believe it's taken from a verandah at one of the rooms at the left end of the Schoenegg ... Parkhotel Schoenegg. (That is to say, ask for one of the rooms with the Eiger-side view.) (But look to your left.) Say hi to Tschingel!


The original image might possibly be from this blog. A similar image is this one And the hotel is Hotel Cabana Grindelwald This photo of Hotel Cabana is courtesy of TripAdvisor


I've been in Grindelwald early September this year (when there was no snow) but the hill in the background (top two thirds of the picture) is still recognizable as the hill south of the village which leads to Kleine Scheidegg. After a bit of matching with the 3D view of Google Maps (approximate link) I've identified the Stutzgasse (right red circle) and the ...


This appears to be a house in Aspen, Colorado architected by Charles Cunniffe Architects, see here. On that page you can see a full gallery of the house with other angles of the mountains. It appears to be a private residence that does not appear to be rentable.

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