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It reminds me of an English Ordnance Survey trig point. They are on similar concrete pillars. The central spike could be used to accurately locate the theodolite as the bar on a UK trig point does. It would be neat to combine the two uses (information and surveying) into one artefact.


You can probably find circles like this at other military testing facilities. These are artillery firing targets meant for "Circular Error Probable" and Time on Target related calibrations and training. During WW1 and WW2, it was found that most artillery kills happen within seconds of the attack starting, because once the artillery has started to ...


As Michael Seifert has said it's part of the Nevada Test and Training Range, between your noted circles (GM: 37.48781°N 116.22827°W) and the ones approx 2km NNW (GM: 37.51303°N 116.24306°W) and being so close to Area 51 (Groom Lake) I'm going to go with bombing targets as a most likely explanation. On looking closely though I found more curious things in the ...


The location you've picked out is part of the Nevada Test and Training Range. If the map on Wikipedia is to be believed, it's in the larger area marked "Nellis Air Force Range", possibly in the sub-area marked Nevada Wild Horse Range. So this all probably means that: it is probably a practice target for military airplanes (or, as Nzall points out,...

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