Ushba, Upper Svaneti, Georgia I dug around in the photos posted by that same photographer on Shutterstock, and found this landscape image. The peak in the landscape appears to be the same peak as in the photo of the hikers. In the images below, I've circled five of the features that I'm basing this on. The distinctive snow-capped peak in the landscape ...


That is a sidewalk vestibule. The idea is to have an extra door between the building's interior and the outside, so as to reduce the amount of air exchanged when people go in and out. In winter, warm air stays inside and cold air stays outside, reducing the building's heating costs and avoiding uncomfortable drafts for diners sitting near the door. You ...


It's the Azadi Tower in Tehran, Iran. You can easily use the Google image search (just drag & drop the file into the browser window when you have it open), which will show many results for such a clear picture.


I've been in Grindelwald early September this year (when there was no snow) but the hill in the background (top two thirds of the picture) is still recognizable as the hill south of the village which leads to Kleine Scheidegg. After a bit of matching with the 3D view of Google Maps (approximate link) I've identified the Stutzgasse (right red circle) and the ...


This is Canary Wharf in London. The photo is taken from the south west of Canary Wharf, across the Thames or from a boat. Here is a view from a similar location.


This appears to be the Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden. A very similar photo to yours can be seen here. It is apparently located at 1091 Oroshimo-cho, Kusatsu City, Shiga. (Note that your Google Maps link is not pointing to the city of Kusatsu in Shiga Prefecture, but to a different and much smaller town named Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture.)


This is the former Round Island House / Hotel Frontenac / The New Frontenac (with annex building) on Round Island near Clayton, NY, United States. The New Frontenac existed from ca 1898 till 1911, when it burned down. For pics and more details on its history, see Clayton's Historic Island Hotels by Rex Ennis. Some more pics of the former "New Frontenac": ...


Having lived in Texas, I would use that to keep out scorpions, which can crawl up drains and even survive the water coming down them. Though I'd also change the strainer to a different design that a scorpion could not so easily squeeze through...


The device is a universal drain stopper. It is designed to keep water in a bathtub or sink. Because it works by sitting on top of the drain, it is not necessary for the consumer to worry about the diameter of the drain opening, as is the case with traditional drain plugs that sit inside the opening. These work by creating a seal against the smooth surface ...


Per this page also from Tourism Nova Scotia, the image appears to be taken on Franey Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The Parks Canada site describes the trail as a "difficult" 7.4 km loop accessible only on foot: You climb up and up and your reward is at the top! Large flat rocks give you a nice place to sit and enjoy the 360º views of the ...


That's the Buitenverwachting vineyard, in Cape Town. Source: http://travelandtourism.capetown/2015/02/23/beyond-expectation/ One of the ‘wow’ pieces of information about this estate is that some of the scenes of ‘Blood Diamonds’ starring Leonardo di Caprio were shot here.


Someone has apparently walked up the trail wearing a 360° camera, and submitted the resulting footage to Google Street View. Here is the end of the trail - the outlook is the same as the one you've posted. You can use the Street View pegman map to see where the trail goes.


It's highly likely this box is decorative, my friend has one almost exactly the same that he bought from a department store, keeps small person items in there. A lot of people would use the box for storage instead of leaving smaller items on a surface, especially where they could roll or be knocked off. B&Bs commonly have personal items that the owner ...


Let me admit that the other answer by Weather Vane sent me in the right direction. The American Theatre is the right direction and that it's a good idea to look at the other video's mentioned in that post. If you look at the Scarecrow video at about 1:27 you see an overpass, which according to me is the right spot. But such an overpass certainly doesn't ...


There are no footways along the edges of the road, so it isn't a regular bridge. Because the shadows are from the left, the location is east or south-east of the Atomium. My guess is the "bridge" is an ornamental feature in the Royal Estate, Laeken Park, but this park has been pixellated in the Google satellite views and there is no detail to be seen. ...


It's for removing condensation from the side window. Air comes out of it only in the defrost/defog settings.


This is called a Großer Zapfenstreich, the people on the second picture are Joachim Gauck and Ursula von der Leyen, at the time when Gauck was president and von der Leyen defense minister. It can take place on different occasions but the most common is to honor the president, now at Schloss Bellevue in Berlin. The second and third pictures were taken when ...


Srinagar, Kashmir - old city with river Jhelum. The "temple" is in fact the Khanqah-e-Moula Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Kashmir. Here's another old photography, showing a similar view: (Source: https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/08/13/kashmir-a-tale-of-two-mothers ) A modern stock photo from that place: Google has a similar but modern view: And ...


The meaning of this traffic sign is: parking on the right side of the street is prohibited. Apparently the left side of the sign is intended as being empty, so it has no meaning. The OP's image is of the Mr. F.H.R. Lim A Po street. This helped in finding a police announcement of August 28 2018 about the placement of new traffic signs, in which the following ...


While I do not know what they are called, their purpose is to keep heat inside by creating an extra air chamber between the inside which is heated and the outside. These are usually removed in the warmer months.


The original image might possibly be from this blog. http://qalam-graphics.blog.ir/1396/10/01/Publication69 A similar image is this one And the hotel is Hotel Cabana Grindelwald This photo of Hotel Cabana is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Here is a screenshot from Google Earth from what appears to be the same location. The white line leading up from the bottom represents a road (Franey Road), which probably isn't a public road you can drive on, at least not all the way to the top.


Apparently, it is Wajag Island, Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia Steps to find this bit of information: Read Ray's answer and/or 3kstc's comment to find out this picture appears to have been taken somewhere in Indonesia, and taken or published by someone named Giordano Cipriani. Image-google for giordano cipriani indonesia double rainbow. For me, the first ...


I've never been there. I loaded Google Earth. I typed in Yoshino, Japan (which is in your question title). I saw that the town and some of the surrounding areas are built in valleys. Your picture shows a town on a ridge, so I knew I didn't have to look in the valleys. I found a nearby town (which I saw is called Yoshinoyama) on a ridge which happened to ...


If you are using the Chrome browser, right click on the image and it will offer "Search Google for image". If you do that with this photo, it will find: a bunch of rainbow images. your question! © Giordano Cipriani / SOPA / eStock Photo - Windows ... That third one is the photo you are interested in. Unfortunately all it says is "Indonesia", and there is ...


The premise of your question is mistaken. Åland islands are a part of Finland, not Sweden so therefore the Finnish fire regulations are in effect. According to the Finnish fire regulations (link in Finnish) if the window is more than 3.5 meters from the ground the ladders are needed. You can see these ladders all over Finland.


The church in the picture looks pretty much like St. Michael's Church, Hamburg. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Michael%27s_Church,_Hamburg


This one is a bit tricky because the elevation maps Google Earth uses do not seem to be very high resolution for this area of the world. However, the following might be the location. I can't seem to find much information about walking tracks in the area, so I'm not certain about this. It's about 5 km over rough terrain from the village of Francois. Or, it ...


It should be possible to figure out the time of year. Some of the flowers are seeding, so I would put it as mid to late spring. You could research that, for the locale, as spring happens at different times in different places. It's relatively easy to find the approximate location with Google Earth. The early morning shadows give an idea of what direction to ...


This is a picture of Cerro Torre, in Patagonia, Argentina. This view appears similar to the one from the Pliegue Tumbado trek (https://elchalten.com/v4/en/pliegue-tumbado-trek-el-chalten.php). It is a 7-8 hour return hike, with an elevation change of 1100 m, from the town of El Chaltén (the closest road access).

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