Google was wrong. There are two airports "in" Reykjavík: Reykjavík Airport, which is close to town and serves only domestic destinations and Greenland, and Keflavík International Airport, a.k.a. Reykjavík–Keflavík, which is 50km to the west and which has all the international flights. At the time when the question was posted, if you searched Google ...


You will be arriving at Keflavik (KEF), which is a 40-ish minute drive outside Reykjavik. Keflavik is now the main airport for Reykjavik, and all the car hire agencies have a presence there.


After chatting with Icelandair representative, applicable country in this field means that to which country you have the visa to, in this case is USA, therefore I should put USA.


It's not. Here's what I see if I go to book a flight on Icelandair's website: The premium cabin is sold as "Saga Premium," as also shown on their services page. Their fleet pages depict "Saga Premium" and "Economy" classes, not business. Which strikes me as fair. It's clearly a premium service as compared to economy, even if there aren't all the benefits ...


If you are travelling from London, then you are going to land on the International airport not the domestic one. This would be KEF and is approx. 30 miles (49.5 km) away from Reykjavík. In terms of transportation, you can always hire a car on arrival, the rates aren't high and is economical too.


The important external thing (for naming a booking class "Business class") is whether airports recognize it as business class (and get the appropriate fees for those passengers) and hence honor their business class services to those ticket holders. Then the airline can call a ticket business-class. What happens inside the airplane is really the airline's ...

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