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After chatting with Icelandair representative, applicable country in this field means that to which country you have the visa to, in this case is USA, therefore I should put USA.


It's not. Here's what I see if I go to book a flight on Icelandair's website: The premium cabin is sold as "Saga Premium," as also shown on their services page. Their fleet pages depict "Saga Premium" and "Economy" classes, not business. Which strikes me as fair. It's clearly a premium service as compared to economy, even if there aren't all the benefits ...


This page sets out the different fare classes. The difference between economy flex and saga premium: Free headset Free meals Free alcoholic beverages Free champagne Free hot towels 2 32 KG checked baggage vs 1 23 KG checked baggage 2 - 2 vs 3 - 3 seating Plug socket Priority check-in Lounge access 3400 miles points for flights within Europe vs 2550 4800 ...

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