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Google was wrong. There are two airports "in" Reykjavík: Reykjavík Airport, which is close to town and serves only domestic destinations and Greenland, and Keflavík International Airport, a.k.a. Reykjavík–Keflavík, which is 50km to the west and which has all the international flights. At the time when the question was posted, if you searched Google ...


You will be arriving at Keflavik (KEF), which is a 40-ish minute drive outside Reykjavik. Keflavik is now the main airport for Reykjavik, and all the car hire agencies have a presence there.


After chatting with Icelandair representative, applicable country in this field means that to which country you have the visa to, in this case is USA, therefore I should put USA.


It will depend a lot on how many other passengers are using the service, not only in your aircraft, but also in other aircrafts within the same region. Icelandair is not throttling the speed artificially, so you get what is currently technically feasible, but how much that is will depend on many factors. The technically available bandwidth is rather mediocre ...


Below is a screenshot from the flight, flying above Europe: Download: 7.55 Mbps, Upload: 0.47 Mbps, Ping: 688 ms I was even able to make a Telegram call onboard without issues. However... once we've reached the Atlantic the following speeds were observed: Download: 0.26 Mbps, Upload: 0.07 Mbps, Ping: 688 ms Therefore I wouldn't rely on the Internet ...


It's not. Here's what I see if I go to book a flight on Icelandair's website: The premium cabin is sold as "Saga Premium," as also shown on their services page. Their fleet pages depict "Saga Premium" and "Economy" classes, not business. Which strikes me as fair. It's clearly a premium service as compared to economy, even if there aren't all the benefits ...


According to wiki, Reykjanesbær is a community that encompasses also Njarðvík and Hafnir. The town where your pointer ends up is Keflavik, but the label shown on Google Maps is from the larger community. If you want a map with the Keflavik label, you can use for example OpenStreetMap.


Oddly enough I wasn't able to find any information on this online, I'll continue to search in case I'm able to find something. Meanwhile, I'll tell you the general rules. As you would expect, it is entirely dependent on the policy of the country in which the airline is registered. Considering that, since the drinking age in Iceland is 20, the drinking age ...


According to Icelandair's website, under Baggage restrictions, "Camping stoves and fuel containers that have contained a flammable liquid fuel, with empty fuel tank and/or fuel container" are "permitted in or as checked baggage", but the "approval of Icelandair is required". This statement is followed by a big button to open a "Contact Icelandair" form.


This page sets out the different fare classes. The difference between economy flex and saga premium: Free headset Free meals Free alcoholic beverages Free champagne Free hot towels 2 32 KG checked baggage vs 1 23 KG checked baggage 2 - 2 vs 3 - 3 seating Plug socket Priority check-in Lounge access 3400 miles points for flights within Europe vs 2550 4800 ...


Contact Icelandair You can always contact Icelandair to have your ticket(s) upgraded to Saga Premium. Bid for an upgrade You can also bid for an upgrade to Saga Premium with Icelandair's Class Up. On the Class Up page you can check your eligibility for Class Up, but you should also receive an e-mail regarding Class Up if you're eligible. If you're more ...


There is a Schengen emigration control that you must pass through (if coming from a Schengen country. There is no security control (i.e. Metal detectors) that you normally must pass through. There are food vendors both before and after the control.


If no online check in is available then the only way to check in is at the airport. According to Iceland Air website it is possible to choose seats during the booking process, however there is no info on seat change. It might be possible to change the seat on the website\by calling an agent however the seat you choose is not guaranteed until check in ...


If you are travelling from London, then you are going to land on the International airport not the domestic one. This would be KEF and is approx. 30 miles (49.5 km) away from Reykjavík. In terms of transportation, you can always hire a car on arrival, the rates aren't high and is economical too.


When I checked in for Icelandair, with a 10 day stopover the checking online page stated 'your stopover is longer than 24 hours, you can not check in for the second leg' which I think is an indication that up to 24 hours is norm for them. But in case they do not want to keep your luggage, I found you a link to a luggage storage at the airport. ...


According to SkyTeam no transit visas are required for you as: Holders of confirmed onward tickets transiting on the same calendar day.


20 years ago my backpack was packed in one such a sturdy plastic bag on the way home from a holiday, I do not remember which country but it was certainly not Iceland. I kept that bad and have used it for a couple of trips till it got ripped while protecting by bagpack in check-in luggage. It was of a size that covers most backpackers packs with a little ...


No, Icelandair Saga Premium passengers are not allowed to use the Fast Track at Arlanda Airport. Though, you may ask nicely and you might be able to take the Fast Track. But, you're not supposed to.


In general, if you want to have two people flying on two different itineraries that happen to share the same flight, you have to buy two separate tickets that both include these flights. However, once you have done this, it is usually possible to call the airline and "link" the two itineraries so that they are aware that you are traveling together. I'm ...


If I've understood your plans correctly (they are not particularly clearly formulated): You're flying Toronto->Reykjavik->Oslo, meeting up with your girlfriend. Then you both want to fly to Miami, via Toronto (and Reykjavik)? You'll have to check with Icelandair, but it will probably cost more to buy Toronto-Oslo-Miami than Toronto-Oslo-Toronto, but it ...


I have been pulled aside by security ("SSSS" code on my boarding pass) when going from the Schengen to non-Schengen zone on my way to the US via Keflavík. I had my bags inspected, I was swabbed for residue, etc. The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes. I would recommend heading to your gate first to make sure you have time, and then find a place to ...

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