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Schengen to Schengen with connecting flight via UK (non-Schengen)

Do not do this. If you travel Schengen to Schengen via Non-Schengen what will happen is the following: You will get a Schengen exit stamp in Iceland, as you are exiting the Schengen Area. You will ...
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How much are "Nap & Gos" in Iceland?

I contacted two properties, Start Hostel and Hotel Keflavik, and they quoted me €‎90-120 (95-127 USD) for May 2023. Both offered roughly a 6-hour stay from 7 am to 2 pm or so. Start Hostel indicated ...
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Schengen Visa "member state of first entry"

You will enter the Schengen area once, in the Netherlands. Then you will take an internal flight to Iceland. Destination is Iceland First Entry is the Netherlands Number of Entries is 1, date of ...
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How to get to Iceland without flying?

Since no-one seems to be actually answering the question, the only public facing means to get to Iceland other than flying is the ferry you mentioned, this is confirmed by Iceland's own webpage for ...
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Only one parent travelling back from US to EU with dual citizen child

Which additional documents do we need for that? Nothing, with that form you're even better off than most
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Extending stay in the Schengen area to travel to a new country within the approved period

That’s fine, but: Make sure you don’t travel via the UK or Ireland (or any other non-Schengen country), as that would mean exiting and then re-entering the Schengen area, which you can’t do as you ...
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Are there any buses on route F26 in 2023?

It's hard to prove a negative, but I believe the answer here is no: Reykjavík Excursions, which operated this route in previous years, has published its summer 2023 highland bus schedules and does not ...
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How to get to Iceland without flying?

As others have pointed out, ferries and cruise ships are not enviromentally friendlier than airliners. Other than by a sailboat, it's actually possible to travel by a cargo ship. Yes, cargo ships are ...
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Safe transport for a small parrot from Germany to Iceland

Looking at this list, the only airline that is in the "birds allowed in cabin" list and flies to Keflavík is Vueling: What pets do we transport? Any animal on the list of animals permitted ...
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