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Bedbugs are hard to kill, especially if no one tells management they are there. And if you stay somewhere that has them, they will soon be in everyplace else you stay unless you handle them properly.


Lambshaanxy’s comment and Moo’s answer seem to be on point. But, the wording of your question makes me wonder. You stated, “If I spent ten days at a hotel (April 21st to May 1st) and paid for an additional 1 week (May 1 to May 7th)...”. Did you pay for ten nights accommodation (check-in on the 21st, check-out on the 1st)? If so, your purchase of seven ...


It depends on your agreement with the hotel - you say specifically you paid for another week, so my calculations would make that the 15th because it prolongs your stay and you still have another night already paid, so its in addition to that. But really, it depends on the agreement you have with the hotel - you can outright ask what day is your new ...

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