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Where to find music workshops in Hanoi?

You should visit for more information of music workshop. They organize various music & movement workshops that help people directly involve in creating music and creative body ...
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Which is my port of entry?

Your port of entry is Ho Chi Minh City. You have written yourself that you will take a domestic flight with a different airline later. That is just internal travel in Vietnam. You will enter Vietnam ...
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If I'm searching for a cheap room in Hanoi on foot, where should l look?

You'll want to look around what's known as the Old Quarter of Hanoi. You'll find hotels and hostels of various levels of quality throughout the area. However, Ma May and the surrounding streets are ...
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How to get from Hanoi International Airport Terminal 2 to Domestic 1 at 5 am?

It's less than a half a km. It's easier to just follow the signs and walk it. It's a small airport. I doubt any taxi will take you as they wait a long time for customers and taxis are very cheap in ...
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Is Luong Yen bus station still operational?

Wikitravel has: Luong Yen Bus Station is closed since the beginning of August 2016. The Hoang Long Bus Company now leaves from another bus station, ca. 10 km south of the old quarter. The name of ...
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Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay transfer time

Google maps says you might not make it on time. On a regular weekday (Monday for example) it says you should leave HAN aiport at 08:00 to arrive at 11:00 in Ha Long Bay. For a cruise that leaves at 12:...
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How to get Vietnam mainland visa in Phu Quoc?

There is only 1 option for you in this case: you need to contact with either the Immigration Officer or the travel agent (as mentioned) to get them process the mainland Vietnam visa in Phu Quoc for ...
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If I'm searching for a cheap room in Hanoi on foot, where should l look?

You can visit and book hostel at Hanoi Old Quater which is center of Hanoi and concentrate a lot of tourists when travelling in Vietnam.
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