Questions about baggage brought into an airplane cabin with the passenger, also known as "carry-on luggage" or "cabin luggage."

Hand luggage, also called carry-on luggage or cabin baggage, refers to the bags, cases, and so forth which passengers bring with them into a passenger cabin. Hand luggage contrasts with checked luggage, which is entrusted to the airline or other carrier, travels in the cargo hold, and is reclaimed after arrival.

Restrictions and fees vary considerably, not only by carrier but by aircraft or other vehicle type. Some carriers also distinguish between a carry-on bag and a personal item such as a purse, coat, or tablet. As with checked luggage, passengers should always review the rules of the airline, train, bus/coach, and so forth they will be traveling on prior to departure.

This tag may be suitable for questions about size or weight limits, permitted contents (including restrictions on liquids and gels), fees, and other considerations specific to travel with hand luggage. Questions for specific product recommendations are generally off-topic, as are questions about circumventing regulations.

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