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What is the PET-3 road like between El Cruce and Tikal?

You are asking about terrain from El Cruce (the turnoff) until Tikal. From El Cruce until El Remate it is pretty flat, with some rolling hills. Most day-trippers take a tour bus (Toyota HiAce usually)...
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Travelling from Afghanistan to Guatemala

Afghan citizens need a visa to enter Guatemala. Per Timatic, transiting Morocco without a visa is possible for: Passengers transiting through Casablanca (CMN) with a ...
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Do I need a visitor visa for Guatemala if I am traveling through El Salvador? (Indian Citizen)

As stated in Timatic, the database used by airlines: Visa required, except for Passengers with a valid visa issued by Canada, the USA or a Schengen Member State for a maximum stay of 90 days In ...
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Traveling to the US with a renewed passport, visa in old but still not expired passport

If you are concerned that there might be an issue you should renew your passport early. When your new passport is issued, your old one is usually made invalid. Even if it's not for some reason it's ...
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Border crossing in CA-4 countries (Guatemala, Honduras) for foreigners

The CA-4 agreement classifies nationalities in three categories: A, B, C. Nicaragua and Honduras recognize Belarus citizens as "A" citizens, who are visa exempt: .. which means that with ...
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I'm from Guatemala, do I need a transit visa if my flight has two stops in China?

From the Visa Policy (Transit) of China The 24-hour transit rule allows multiple stops within Mainland China for most airports, as long as the traveler has a flight, cruise or train segment ...
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Are the Guatemala -> Mexico borders near Tapachula open?

Updates below in chronological order (most recent last) UPDATE (29-Apr-2020). One taxi driver told me that both border crossings at Tapachula are closed. Another taxi driver told me that the border ...
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Traveling to the US with a renewed passport, visa in old but still not expired passport

So, should I renew my passport and take both the new and old one? Yes. I'm from Argentina. When your passport expires authorities give you a new one and they do not retain the old one in any case. ...
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Can I use my US Samsung-SM-G900V in Guatemala?

According to, the SM-G900V (the U.S., Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5) is not compatible with the LTE (4G) frequencies in use in Guatemala, but does support the GSM and ...
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Can I use my US Samsung-SM-G900V in Guatemala?

Let's pretend you are traveling to Guatemala to keep your question on-topic. Yes. The most common frequency in Guatemala is 1900 MHz which your phone supports. They also have 850 Mhz service but your ...
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Can a citizen of Guatemala sponsor visitor visa of an Indian citizen?

I don't know about Guatemala in particular, but unless you positively know different, the safe thing to do would be to assume they want to see the same things in a visa applications as the immigration-...
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Requirements for Guatemala business visa for Indian traveler

They should be enough, because those are the minimum requirements, but obviously having all of those is no guarantee of obtaining the visa. See here for the list, from the Embassy of Guatemala in ...
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