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Since the personnel doesn't know if a guest will take empty bottles with him at the end of his stay, simply removing empty bottles from the room can be considered theft. I guess, in Portugal (or anywhere else on earth), the personnel will also not remove money found somewhere in the room; the code is to place the tip clearly visible on the pillow. But how to ...


Does hotel cleaning personnel have any benefit from leaving empty bottles in the room as opposed to returning them to the store? None at all, at least not officially. The bottles do not belong to the cleaning staff. Even if you put them in the trash bin, the contents of the trash bin does not belong to the cleaning staff. There have been court cases about ...


According to the German Missions in the United States page on Schengen Visa / Short Stay Visa an appointment in Washington is not going to work: Visas must be applied for at the German Embassy or Consulate General in charge of the applicants place of residence (for example an Indian citizen with H1B Visa residing in Portland/ Oregon must apply at the ...


You can buy all the SIM cards you want, but can't activate them. You have to be registered in the German residence bureau's data base. No residency, no activation. I went to Greece to get a SIM card.

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