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German guesthouse asking for date of birth

It is required by the German law to obtain such information from guests (source): Meldescheine Durch den § 30 kommen die Besonderen Meldescheine für Beherbergungsbetriebe ins Spiel. Diese sind auf ...
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German guesthouse asking for date of birth

Is this request for personal information a legal requirement and/or normal practice for guesthouses in Germany? Yes, it is normal after your arrival to fill on a special registration form, that will ...
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Hitchhiking through Germany

As somebody who is a very active hitchhiker in Germany and Europe, I feel like I should add a couple of things that have not yet been mentioned – especially for people who stumble upon this now. ...
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SWE Train with 49 euro ticket

No. There is a list of which routes the Deutschlandticket is valid on, and the only routes in France (on page 14) are: Berg(Pfalz) – Lauterbourg (on DB Regio trains) Schweighofen – Wissembourg (on DB ...
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What photo ID to use for the Deutschland Ticket?

The expression "amtlicher Lichtbildausweis" (official picture id) is unambiguous without further explanation. For all practical purposes, you need either: a German national id card a ...
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What photo ID to use for the Deutschland Ticket?

The €49 ticket has been a political project, introduced to allow residents to stop driving individual cars. The purpose is (a) to reduce CO2 emissions and (b) to compensate for the price increase of ...
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Safe transport for a small parrot from Germany to Iceland

Looking at this list, the only airline that is in the "birds allowed in cabin" list and flies to Keflavík is Vueling: What pets do we transport? Any animal on the list of animals permitted ...
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What photo ID to use for the Deutschland Ticket?

Deutshland-dicket terms of carriage § 2 (6) 5 says: Zur Legitimation ist ein amtliches Lichtbilddokument mitzuführen und bei Kontrollen vorzuzeigen. Amtlich means issued by a government agency. ...
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What if I use an Interrail pass on a German ICE train without optional reservation, and all seats are sold out?

This question is still relevant today, specifically for the Zurich-Hamburg route. Also valid for any ICE train out of Basel going up to Frankfurt and further north, including those starting at ...
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