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From personal experience as a driver in Germany for 15+ years (including 2 years of daily commuting by car between two major cities), I can agree to the suggestion that early evening hours are mostly preferable. I would usually choose the time between 18-20h. Between standard weekdays (Mon-Fri) excluding holidays there is usually no predictable pattern which ...


I believe your change fee is incorrect. I just looked at the YR (fuel charge/carrier surcharge/miscellaneous charge) for several economy SEA-PAR flights on AF both a few weeks into the future and today. In each case the "fuel surcharge" was $250. I don't know which class you were travelling in, but I can't believe the fare difference included an uplift of $...


The carrier surcharge (or "fuel surcharge" if you prefer) is a separate calculation to the fare line on the ticket. It goes in a different box. However, the money usually goes to the same person (unless we have codeshare flights). If carrier surcharges were banned (as they are in some jurisdictions) ticket prices would not go down, the number would be ...


Canadain Tire is one retailer who would sell such an item. They have multiple locations in Northern Calgary.


You could look for Aspen fuel. This is essentially a brand of petrol without additives, so it should burn a lot cleaner. So less problems with the stove clogging up, and much less toxic emissions. It is similar to white gas, aka Coleman fuel. Note you need Aspen 4 for a stove, not Aspen 2, which is pre-mixed with 2-stroke oil. Aspen is a Swedish company, ...


The MSR WhisperLite should also be able to run on kerosene. If it is not very different from other kerosene stoves, you can run it on lampeolje (lamp oil), which is easily available from larger super markets or petrol stations in 1l bottles. It is very similar to kerosene, but will burn with less soot. You may also find a similar product called ...

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