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Clarification needed about my Schengen visa (CZ, DE, SK)

The symbol following "ETATS SCHENGEN" is a dash to be interpreted as a minus sign. This means that your visa has a limited territorial validity, and is not valid for travel to the Czech ...
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Clarification needed about my Schengen visa (CZ, DE, SK)

This a visa issued with "limited territorial validity" as laid out in article 25 of the Schengen visa code found here. The visa sticker is filled out as per ANNEX VII 1.1 to 1.4 of the same ...
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What type of visa should I get to attend an event in France for more than 90 days?

If you want to stay in France for the whole period and are not an EU / EEA / Swiss citizen, you definitely need a long-stay visa. That's trivial: There are in fact multiple visas or permits with very ...
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Apply for Schengen visa using brokerage statements

Yes. You can put "Derivatives Trader" or "Trader" as your job description. However, depending on the country, this does not signify legitimate employment (since you'll be lacking ...
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