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typical dinnertime in Ireland is 1pm. Then we have some tea and toast around 6. Hope this is helpful for your upcoming trip!


I strongly recommend to bring along food. Train restaurant car's dishes are not popular. It's not the same as meal in planes.


After having travelled on this train, I can confirm that there is no restaurant car or bar. You can of course still buy tea from the attendant!


Yes, you can pre-order a meal you have paid for. On some trains, you may also be able to pre-order snacks and even souvenirs. To pre-order a meal you have paid for in the menu, go to Пассажирам | Услуги | Сервис выбора предоплаченного питания. In the form, under «Поиск билета», fill in the form. The entries correspond to what it says on your e-ticket or ...


@jpatokal is right, "you definitely cannot count on having vegetarian meals on long-distance trains in Russia" (as well as on a menu). However, there might be something in a restaurant car as, e.g., a salad suitable for a vegetarian. In fact, I traveled with a vegetarian girl this July on 056Ы, and she was quite happy with salads from a restaurant car and ...


No, you definitely cannot count on having vegetarian meals on long-distance trains in Russia. In fact even the menu is misleading, as quite commonly only a very limited selection of dishes are actually available on any given train. Beware that fresh/hot food selections at stations are also quite limited, and vegetarian options even more so. (They've ...


I would agree with the commenter above (you should do research about Bangladesh's import rules for plants, as well as common diseases) and add that it all comes down to the declaration and inspection at your port of arrival (airport/port/train station). Even with your best research there's a very real chance that Customs may decide to seize your plants and ...


I wasn't able to find any official airline guidance, so I went and asked a friend who has severe allergies (including peanut) what she would want people to do. The important one (don't eat things containing nuts) is obvious, but she said you'd be surprised how many people ignore it. If you see someone eating nuts on a flight where they've said not to, call ...


This kind of writing commonly found on food packaging This product is prepared in a kitchen where nuts are used. It may contain traces of nuts. Is a disclaimer. It serves the sole purpose of protecting the company from lawsuits in case a consumer gets an allergic reaction after eating their product. It makes sense for companies to use such a disclaimer ...


Yes, you can bring them, just declare them for possible inspection. You will be waved through unless there are visible signs of insect infestation. However, coriander powder and dried ginger are readily available in Australia, both in regular supermarkets and in specialist Indian grocers.


There is a current infestation of mangoes in Palawan, so they are not allowed to be brought outside of Palawan to anywhere. I read that at the airport in El Nido Palawan just recently, July 2019.

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