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Tipping for free drinks in the USA?

Tipping in North America has become such a hot button issue. It is customary to tip and is usually a percentage of the cost of your food/drinks (or what the cost would have been). But there have been ...
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Tipping for free drinks in the USA?

"It depends." Typically, the rule is that whoever gets the bill does the tipping. For example, at a catered event, you wouldn't try to tip the people bringing you your food or drinks because ...
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Can I fly internationally (US to Thailand) with edible chia seeds?

According to the Thai Customs authority, food is a restricted good which requires a permit to bring into Thailand and you must declare it by going through the "red lane" at customs. However, ...
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Carrying semi-solid food in flights?

This happened in Chicago O'Hare for domestic travel. We had MTR ready to eat Dal makhni in Carry on baggage. The TSA agent asked us to remove it and suggested that since these are considered gel he ...
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