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If you in Germany ride a bicycle under influence of alcohol and your blood alcohol content is above 0.16% or the police deem you incapable of riding the bicycle without endangering others, the consequences are basically the same as if you had been driving a motorized vehicle. It is of no relevance that you were only riding 50-60m or that it was not your ...


Since you said you were driving your boyfriend's car in Australia, I'm going to assume your boyfriend is Australian. If not, that would change things. I'm also unfamiliar with the exact processes of Australia, but I am with other countries' processes for foreign traffic tickets, and they tend to be similar. If you never go back to Australia they are very ...


Hurry. If in victoria at the time of the driving offence, check with the authorities at: Note that all official Australian government websites end in Check quickly, the consequences are listed on the website, and worsen for you. For Victoria (my state) they have a process for "pausing" the ...


She didn't pay the ticket, and more than one year later nothing has happened at all. No problems at the border and no letters etc. afterwards. Still not sure about entering Canada again, but apart from that everything's fine.


You have acknowledged that you did it. It's a fair whack of money, but in the end of the day £250 plus the transfer fees is not so much that you'd be unable to borrow it. Pay it and get rid of the problem.


$446 AUS is about $336 USD or £251 sterling. I believe that (some) Australian States & Territories will let you pay by instalments, atleast for residents. I would contact the authorities and ask if you can pay by instalment. If not, is your b/f in a position to pay the fine on your behalf, and then you can repay him (assuming this is legal)? Otherwise, ...

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