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Today I also learned that Syktyvkar (pop. approx. 240k people) airport is located practically downtown of this northern city, within 1km of its central square, counting from terminal building. And nobody is tearing down or closing this one, compared to many other entrants of this page.


It's a bay window or Oriel window, they are pretty common in German- and English-speaking areas. They have an ornamental role They allow to look left and right of the building (instead of just in front) They allow more light to enter the room


My guess is that it's for growing flowers and vegetables, simply a small greenhouse. They are sometimes called Greenhouse Windows or Garden Windows. Because they have windows on 3 sides they'll let in as much sun as possible. They are most effective if put on windows facing south or north. Being literally on a window you can take the plants indoors during ...


The longest tunnel open to cyclists in Japan is the Kanpu Tunnel (not far from the Route 317 tunnel listed in the question) and is 5,432m long. It has a reasonable gradient and took me the best part of 45 minutes to get through on my loaded touring bike. I rode through in the early morning and it was pretty much empty of traffic so it is definitely safe (...


Answering the question as it was clearly intended (ie ignoring termini where trains reverse). So a formal definition would be something like a station where you can arrive only from one direction and depart only in the same direction (that is away from where you can arrive from). I will include metro systems but not trams, as you have to draw a line ...

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