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One of 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates; it is also the name of the capital city of Dubai.

Dubai is one of 7 Emirates that are part of the United Arab Emirates.

Note that Dubai is the name of the Emirate and the city of Dubai, which is its capital.

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Time Zone

UTC+4 (No summer/winter time)


Dubai has three airports:

  • Dubai International - DXB is a large airport located in locality of Al-Garhoud. It is the hub for Emirates, flydubai, and Qantas. It has three terminals:

    • Terminal 1 - for international carriers; this is the "old" terminal.
    • Terminal 2 - mainly used by flydubai
    • Terminal 3 - dedicated for Emirates

    There are no airside visa requirements to transit between these terminals. Terminals 1 and 3 are directly connected, and Terminal 2 is on the opposite end of the airport. A bus service runs between Terminal 2 and other terminals.

    In addition, the Executive Flight Terminal (located next to Terminal 2) is dedicated for private aircraft.

  • Dubai World Center - Al Makhtoum International - DWC is the second major airport in Dubai. Located in Jebel Ali (37 KM west of Dubai), it was opened in June 2010. It was designed mainly for cargo traffic, and later certified for passenger movement. It is served by seasonal carriers and a few low cost carriers.

    Transiting between DWC and DXB requires a visa due to the distance between the terminals.

  • Dubai Cargo Gateway - DCG (previously called Dubai Cargo Village) is an airport in Dubai dedicated for cargo traffic. It is located next to Dubai International Airport.

Visa Procedures

Visas are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and information is available at the department for tourism and commerce marketing.

In addition to normal tourist, business, residency visas, Dubai also offers the following visas which can be obtained on arrival:

  • Transit Visa

    A 96-hour visa available for those with longer transit times. Note that transiting at DXB does not require a visa. This visa is available for those that have longer transit periods and want to leave the transit area.

  • GCC Resident Visa (Short Stay)

    A special visa for foreigners with permanent residency in a GCC member state holding a suitable position.

Visa exceptions are also available for (at the time of this writing) 43 nationalities; although this number is subject to change.

Road Network

Dubai is linked with the other Emirates with a national highway network, which also connects the UAE to Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Public Transit

The Roads and Transit Authority controls the public transit network in Dubai. In addition to buses and taxis, it also includes the dubai metro light rail and dubai tram. The metro has stations at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.