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Issues that arise from having more than one passport, usually during immigration and visa processing.

Multiple citizenship, or dual citizenship, arises when a person is claimed as a citizen of more than one country. It may arise intentionally from that person choosing to become naturalized in a country or inadvertently due to situations of birth or marriage.

Tag Usage

Use this tag for:

  • Questions involving choosing which passport to use to enter a country, either a country of which one is a citizen or a third country (e.g. some countries allow its citizens to enter on a foreign passport, others, such as the USA, do not).
  • Questions about how to investigate whether one has a claim to multiple citizenship.
  • Questions about how to obtain a passport from a country where one is a citizen when one already holds a passport from another country where one is a citizen.
  • Questions about laws which may cause conflicts or difficulties for dual citizens (e.g. "I am a citizen of X, but have never been there. If I go there today as a tourist, will I be subject to mandatory military service there?").
  • Questions about whether a visa or entry clearance issued to one passport applies to another passport held by an individual.
  • Questions about whether derogatory action taken against a person with respect to one passport apply to another passport held by that person (e.g. "I was deported from Canada on a Mexican passport and banned for ten years. I am now a US citizen, does the ban still apply if I show a US passport at the border?").

Do not use this tag for:

  • Questions being asked by a dual citizen where dual citizenship is not salient to the question (e.g. "I am a dual citizen of Germany and South Africa. How do I buy a ticket for the Staten Island Ferry?").
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