Disagreements that occur between a traveler and (most often) an airline, hotel, or other travel related enterprise. In the normal case the traveler's journey has been disrupted and he/she now seeks compensation. In more extreme cases the disruption leaves the traveler in a state of vulnerability or compromise. This tag is NOT for disputes with sovereign governments (visa-refusals, port removals, etc). See the wiki for more information.

Questions about disputes are welcomed on this site. Types of disputes that are on topic at this site could include:


  • Being bumped from a flight
  • Prevented from boarding a flight
  • Being involuntarily downgraded
  • A discrepancy in loyalty credits or loss of loyalty credits
  • Rude or impertinent staff
  • Anything that leaves the traveler in reduced circumstances


  • Being bumped from a reservation
  • Being involuntarily downgraded
  • Rude or incompetent staff
  • Billing issues
  • Payment problems

This tag is NOT for disputes with sovereign governments. For these, use other tags such as: , , etc.

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