Typically the bag drop after customs is designed for bags that are already checked through and tagged, which normally requires this to be a single ticket. It's easy enough to check: if the tag on the bags say JFK you need to go to Delta check in counter and have a new tag put on. If it says ATL, you can simply drop it off directly after customs. You will ...


The bag drop after customs has check in desks. Although it is not unheard of DL to quietly neglect staffing them. International arrivals at JFK and DL is ... ... ... sorry the FCC rules require beeping out the rest of the sentence. So you might need to actually to make the trek to a DL desk. But you can try to avoid it by preparing at the start. Looking at ...


Terminal A Delta uses exclusively Terminal A in Boston (unless it's an international arrival which go through immigration and customs at Terminal E)


Searching the flight number on Google will typically indicate the departure terminal, e.g. for Qatar Airways QR 738, which departs from SFO airport: Otherwise the departure airport will very likely have the information as well. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/QTR738 is another source.

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