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Yes, it is normal, not only in Greek Islands but also in Greek cities, especially in high-end places. Unfortunately, the whole point is usually to not appear to officially work for the bar. Is the valet properly insured and officially employed? Does the establishment hold a valid license for the parking space? If there is a fee for parking there (...


September is not exactly 'post-season'. It's surely not gonna be like July and August but there are gonna be some parties till mid September and the island is not gonna be empty. Here's a blog where they write about events in mykonos.


Try using the term supermarkets instead of grocery into Google maps - doing this seems to provide some hits for most of the islands.


I've seen tourists kayaking without guides. I don't think it's a common practice that guides should be obligatory. I think you can work things out with a company and rent some kayaks without guides. Honestly speaking, all the islands are great for exploring. I've seen that you can rent a kayak in Zakynthos that is really exciting and has some great spots to ...


The nightlife of Mykonos is intense from June to September! But if you rent a motorbike to Mykonos or some other means, do not drink and drive!

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