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Customs and immigration covers a range of border control procedures (referred to as 'immigration' in most countries) and import of goods. Prefer a more specific tag where appropriate, some examples of which are listed under `tag info`.

  • immigration / passport control
    • which deals with people, such as checking of passports and in some cases visas
  • customs
    • which deals with goods, such as imports taxes or contraband

Customs is generally the term used when dealing with the import and export of goods; issues such as taxes, prohibited items, etc.

Immigration is the process by which people are authorized to cross international borders. This includes checks such as travel documents (passports, travel passes) and the ability to entry a country or territory (visas, and visa exceptions).

This tag should be used when your question involves general issues with customs and immigration. Customs and immigration covers border control issues and types of goods allowed to be brought into a country and taxation rules related to them, if any.

More specific tags currently in use include: