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I found a website comparing different biodegradable sunblockers. The quality/price range is quite significant, so it might be worth not grabbing the first thing on the shelf but rather going for a specific product. The one that the above website gave the best rating is available on Amazon for example.


After our trip to Cozumel, I can report: I did not do a thorough search, but I didn't actually see an abundance of reef-safe sunscreen readily available. I looked around the shops that were near the port, and the only brand I saw there was called "Caribbean Breeze". This brand did not advertise itself as either "reef safe" or biodegradable. We did not ...


Tropical Seas produce a range of reef safe suncare products that biodegrade in oceans, lakes and rivers and are non-toxic to sealife. Its probably best to purchase online however you can always contact them here to ask if their products are available to purchase locally in Cozumel.


I searched google for notarios mexico and the first hit is Directorio de notarios. You have to select the state (Cozumel belongs to Quintana Roos state) and the city (obviously Cozumel) and you get 3 notarios: BELLO MELCHOR RODRIGUEZ CARRILLO (#4). CALLE 11 SUR NO.885 ADOLFO LOPEZ MATEOS, COZUMEL JOSE EDWIN VILLANUEVA MARRUFO (#15). 55 AVENIDA BIS, NO. 436,...


A quick Google search for "cozumel notary" shows us a couple of results. Careful to avoid the Cozumel in Canada when you look...but otherwise: Notaria on Notaría Pública 15 Cozumel, Quintana Roo Av. 5ta Norte Desp. No. 298 Col. Centro (987) 872-4033 Notaria Publica No.72 Cozumel, Quintana Roo Calle 8 Norte No. 5 X 15 Av. Cozumel (987) ...

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