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Not to be overly contrarian, but the answer is "probably". That ticket meets minimum connection time (MCT), but at a particularly busy time immigration in MIA can be an absolute mess. I would expect you'll be okay, but don't dawdle and, once through, go straight to your connecting gate. Since you booked it as one ticket the airline (whoever is actually ...


Yes, AA has full confidence you will be able to make that connection. If you are eligible, use the Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks. OP does not indicate country of Passport.


There are two benefits of having a single ticket. The airline has already evaluated the connection, with their knowledge of the flights and airport, and decided to book it. If anything goes wrong, such as an unusually long delay on the first flight, the airline remains responsible for getting you from Lima to SFO, and will handle re-booking on a later ...


Since USA doesn't have exit emigration check, you can make the domestic to international connection easily within that time, provided the incoming flights are not delayed. You will be provided with boarding pass for the both segment and your bags will be checked through (if any). Familiarize with the layout of the airport here - https://www.orlandoairports....


Answering my own question, on my return flight I asked to check my bag through to my final destination, but was told it couldn’t be done.


TL;DR You won't get compensation in this particular case. But the airline still has to get you home and care for you. You are not entitled to compensation if the cancellation is cause by "extraordinary circumstances", and bad weather is one of that circumstances. And it is generally enough that the weather (which is outside the airline's control) caused ...


When you buy a ticket from an airline they are on the hook for getting to your destination. So they will not sell tickets with impossible connections. Every airport has a minimum connection time, and for some airports that can indeed be as low as 30 minutes. In Europe competition between airlines is fierce. And for example when Lufthansa offers a ZRH-MUC-...


Generally an airline is responsible for your connection between flights issued on a single ticket. Airports have a minimum connection time which limits how short a connection is allowed when ticketing. That time sometimes depends on factors like terminal changes but is in my opinion highly optimistic. When you buy from a third-party agent you are not always ...


It's plenty of time. Passport checkpoints are a little slow in Athens, but not three hours.

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