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No. But they'll try to aim for transfers which are possible. The airline has some resources If they give you a difficult transfer, e.g. your plane is late and you have 40 minutes to clear customs and security and get to your gate, they may send airline staff to intercept you and shortcut you to the front of lines and escort you to your connection. ...


Barring places where you need to do customs declaration at an intermediate point of your journey (such as when your final leg is intra-US or intra-Japan) and barring connection times in excess of 24 hours, your luggage will be checked through to your final destination with almost absolute certainty. In your case, having to recheck your luggage on a UK–MUC–...


I am based in NYC and travel through Newark all the time. The longer the layover, the SAFER you can be in having your bags switched to your connecting flight. As someone mentioned above, the shorter the layover, the greater the risk. Hope this helps.


As stated in the answer to this later question Travel from the US to Cancun with a layover in Cuba as an European citizen Cuba travel restrictions apply not only to citizens and residents but to anyone within the US. The change took effect from June 5, 2019.


I see flights between Jakarta and Medan, Indonesia that are cheaper if they include a stop in Singapore. Obviously this will change constantly, but currently a Google Flights search for KNO<-->CGK roundtrip 11/13-11/20 shows a $128 itinerary with a stop in SIN, but $178 for the cheapest domestic flight.


This hinges on what your definition of a domestic trip is, but New Caledonia is not independent – independence was rejected in a 2018 referendum – and thus while does not have the same status as Corsica or Martinique it still belongs to France. New Caledonia’s airport in Nouméa is so far away from metropolitan France (and/or its airport is so small) that ...

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