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Minor travelling solo?

The form you link in your question appears to be for international travel, and is not relevant for travel within a country. However, there are still some things to consider. Every transportation ...
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Do you need an infant seat in Spanish taxis?

Taxis are not legally required to provide child car seats for young children. However, some larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona do require taxis to have infant or booster seats available.
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Do children need a passport to travel by car from the United States to Canada and back?

Under the age of 16, a state-issued birth certificate (for each child, obviously) is adequate for Canadian and US citizens to cross the land border in either direction, when travelling with both ...
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Do you need an infant seat in Spanish taxis?

A bit of searching in Spanish and I found this. In short: If your entire journey is within municipal limits, a child seat is not required in a rented car, in a taxi (or Uber or similar) If your final ...
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