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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

To avoid disturbance from small children, you can use a multi-pronged approach: first, try to choose flights that are more of a hassle for parents. Generally this means night flights - some parents ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

For $160,000, you can hire a private jet for London - LAX return which is a similar trip length to that of London to San Francisco. This aircraft seats 13 making the trip approximately $12,300 each if ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

Toddlers cannot be seated in exit rows. If you are able to select your seat, choose one that has an exit row behind it. You may lose the ability to recline your seat, but you are guaranteed that ...
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Are there any child-free flight options?

So far as I can tell, there are no commercial flights that are entirely child-free, There are unlikely to be, as the economics of commercial aviation work against it—the flying public favors low fares ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

Assuming you fly with a second person, you could use a small trick to increase your level on insulation. During check-in, reserve two middle seats which are directly behind (or in front) of the exit ...
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Where to pee in London?

If you have an Android phone, then there's an app called Where is public toilet. It indicates the public toilets near you, and if they are free to access or not. It works for most of Europe. Play ...
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Being separated from one's young children on a flight

Airlines today charge for everything, including choosing your seat. If it's important, and a matter of safety, that your seat be chosen in advance, such as seating two people together, then you need ...
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Being separated from one's young children on a flight

The Thomson Select A Seat page implies that you can purchase seats together for extra money. Although you may be re-assigned and, interestingly, their definition of 'together' is: Seats together may ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

Bring $20 - $50 cash. After you board, if you happen to be near a toddler, find a more preferable seat that seems to have a solo passenger in it, and make an attractive cash offer to the person who ...
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Where to pee in London?

I have not been to London with kids but according to my experience there are plenty of public toilets available. Most parks have facilities that include a café and toilets. In the city there are ...
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How to travel to Japan while expressing milk?

We are back from our trip and we managed to get around without too much trouble, but with a lot of planning involved. First off: It is really not an issue in airports, big city centres etc. Shopping ...
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Being separated from one's young children on a flight

Next time, maybe swap seats with your son? Then at least you don't have to crane your neck to check on him - he will always be in your view. As for the danger of pedophilia: the preponderance of ...
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Flying family of 5: is any one seating arrangement better than the alternatives?

It does indeed appear that your question is asking for opinions, but as an experienced cabin crewmember I can say that in this case there definitely is a best setup: The best option would be 3 + 2, ...
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What do I need to legally and unproblematically take someone else's child on a trip to West Virginia?

Significant overkill however if you want to cover all the bases: Consent to Travel In the United States, children do not typically need to carry a written consent to travel with an adult. If ...
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Can we round-trip travel to Brazil from the USA with our 5-month-old daughter using just her birth certificate?

No. Excepting some special circumstances that don't apply here like official military travel, a passport is required by the US. Brazil similarly requires a passport. Any airline will simply deny ...
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How to lawfully leave United States without a United States passport for United States citizen

It is unlikely your child can leave without having a US passport without violating this law. But this law is not enforced at all with respect to departures since US does not have exit control ...
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Male using change tables in female restrooms in Japan

It is quite rare these days (even inside trains) for the changing tables to be in the women's section, usually they will be somewhere in between the two sections, or inside the separate large restroom ...
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Do hotels in Europe permit two adults and two kids to all stay in just one room?

Some do some don't. Most larger hotel chains (Marriott, IHG, Hilton, etc.) will offer this. Typically you either get a room with two double/queen beds or a single large bed with added "rollaway" bed(s)...
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How to deal with other tourists taking pictures of my children?

Since this question is not tagged for Spain, and it is tagged for cultural-awareness and local-customs, then be aware that in some countries (including England and Wales) photography in a public place ...
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How to deal with other tourists taking pictures of my children?

I've been that stranger. I once surreptitiously took a photo of (native) people in a rural Swedish village who I throught were dressed funnily. A young man noticed, and responded with a gesture of ...
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3-4 months infant travel: 1 long trip (13 hours) or 3 medium trips (6+6+4 hours)

Three of our kids have taken 12-hour flights with us when they were younger than 6 months. We never had any problems, so I would take option a). Option b) has shorter flights, but still 6 hours can be ...
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Daughter flying alone from Athens Greece to Newark to Chicago - Need info/advice

There's a bunch of confusion here still, so I'll try to lay out all the steps in more detail. One note first. Airlines offer an "unaccompanied minors" service, where airline employees will escort ...
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Traveling with my 5 year old daughter (as the father) without the mother from Germany to Mexico

If you do not have sole custody, get a letter from the mother stating that she has no objection. The child's passport. Possibly a transit visa for all concerned. Follow-Up: As far as Germany is ...
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Where to pee in London?

Is it acceptable to ask businesses for kids to use their toilets, even if we are not customers? It is if you ask first. It's also not that difficult to become a customer. Go to a café, order a cup ...
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Child travelling abroad and money

Most schools will let you know how much money to give for the trip. Most of the time they will also tell how, cash, card or other methods. How much depends on what the kids have to pay, how much you ...
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Paddington to Euston with kids: minimum walking by tube or by taxi?

I'm a Londoner with kids of a similar age. Info you might find useful: I've never seen a black cab with a child seat - I suspect there are none. Two of the standard seats face backwards though so ...
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Why were passengers asked to leave infant boarding pass on the seat when leaving then plane?

My presumption is that you've misheard the announcement. It's far more likely that you were instructed to leave either the infant seat belt (aka lap belt or seat-belt extender), the infant life-jacket,...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

Rather than using earplugs, get some headphones and listen to music or something. It'll give you something else to focus on rather than the toddler. This is the approach lots of computer programmers ...
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