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Can I have a vacation to Canada, while living in France for 3 months?

Speaking French is not a requirement for visiting Canada. In most of Canada they hardly speak it at all and even in the French speaking area(s) you can survive without French. In Quebec they speak a ...
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Can a US citizen enter Canada by road and return to the US with just a US driver's license?

A US drivers license is NOT sufficient for a US citizen to enter Canada, as it does not show citizenship. Whilst US Citizens can enter Canada without a Visa, citizens of most other countries - ...
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Travelling to the US with an ESTA and planning to enter Canada on a working holiday visa after that

The eligibility requirements for entering the US under the Visa Waiver Program (ie, ESTA) are listed on the US CBP website. The two requirements on this page that are relevant to your questions are ...
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Can a Canada visitor visa be stamped in the US? I applied from Qatar and received approval

Yes, it can. In 2019 my mother had applied for a Canadian TRV along with my father in India. She needed to travel to the USA to visit me, I went with her and we took the approval notice and passport ...
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