You left out some major information. If you are from Somalia or North Korea you are going to be waitng a looong time. However, the Cambodian Visa can be done on arrival at the border if you are coming from Thailand. Many provate tour companies will do this process for you. I will warn you now, many tour companies will charge you extra money for the visa ...


I am a US citizen abd visited Siem Reap in December 2018. I got my visa on arrival. It took less than half hour. The process seemed very systematic and efficient. I carried a photograph for the application; I recommend that. Also carry US$30. Hope this helps.


Almost four years later, the rule hasn't changed. My direct experience of these days and some recent references I read confirm the schema: 1000 KHR = 25 cents 2000 KHR = 50 cents 4000 KHR = 1 $ 5000 KHR = 1,25 $ 10000 KHR = 2,5 $ 20000 KHR = 5 $ No app and no more is needed in this basic table of conversion! Otherwise: https://www.google.com.kh/search?q=...

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