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Should I buy bus ticket on the station, or online in advance (which option is better/cheaper)? I don't think the price will change. I would choose to buy ticket on the station, you can easily find tickets during those morning hours. You can use Kamil Koç or Süha Turizm as a firm. The downside of buying the ticket online is that you may be late for the bus ...


TFL Bus Status Updates provide up-to-date information on any disruptions, saying what specific stop(s) are not being served and any new stop(s) that are being served as a replacement.


That seems tricky. Last train leaves at 8pm and last bus at 7pm. Other options to consider: Private car or Uber. Will cost you around 120 Euro. Uber may charge a significant "prime time" surcharge for New Years Eve, so you would be better of booking a private car up front. Rental car for a one way seems too expensive, but may be an option of you ...

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