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Are fancy hotels less likely to have bedbugs than cheap hotels in the United States?

You can check the specific hotels on https://www.bedbugreports.com/ I checked Boston, MA and there were a total number of 9 reports spanning 8 years. Given that Boston has almost 20,000 hotel rooms it'...
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Equivalent of Cig Kofte restaurants in Georgia

In Azerbaijan these would be just "kafe"s ("çayxana"s too to some extent, but they focus more on tea). They are usually located off the big streets and have names written in awful ...
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What's the cheapest way to travel from Madrid to Barcelona?

Years later, there is now at least another actor: french railways (SNCF) subsidiary OUIGO, who operate low-cost high-speed trains. Tickets on Madrid-Barcelona start at 19 euros a month in advance, and ...
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Student train discounts in Germany without BahnCard?

Amazing nobody mentioned they have special ticket contingents for young (u27) travelers. https://www.bahn.de/angebot/sparpreis-flexpreis/super-sparpreis-young It's called (Super) Sparpreis Young. Well ...
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Van office, DIY or bought?

I converted a 3.5 tonne Transit medium wheelbase a few years ago. We designed it for use mainly on campsites, but I've done the odd night in car parks in the UK. Campsites are preferable if you're ...
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Cheapest time a year to travel in Bali

February is the quietest and thus cheapest time of the year in Bali: it's the rainy season and both the Christmas/NY peak and the Australian school holidays are over. Over 5 million people live on the ...
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How can a non-Chinese-speaking traveller use the free Wi-Fi in 7-Elevens in Taiwan?

As of 2023, 7-Eleven convenience stores in Taiwan have revamped their ibon Wi-Fi and it is now a very simple and quick 1-click process to use! No need to read Chinese, no need to enter a phone number ...
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What's the longest distance that can be traveled by only using free transportation?

83 km in Luxembourg Luxembourg has made all transport free since 2020, for everyone. However, breaking the fourth rule of the question around 419 km, but only if you are one of the 1000 people living ...
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What is the purpose of a round-trip ticket?

There is one specific situation in the railways, where picking a round trip versus two one-way legs can also make a difference. The French railways SNCF sell a discount card called Carte Avantage. The ...
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Why are one-way plane tickets more expensive than return tickets?

Very common 'feature'. Sometimes an airline might have an incredibly lucrative route eg A-B. A second route, not so lucrative is B-C, and they still want to cover this. So they might offer cheaper ...
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