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No, it is not the cheapest hotel in Europe. There is no clear definition of the difference between e.g. hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts, but it is not difficult to find cheaper hotel-like lodging on in other European countries. I just tried a search in Ukraine for an arbitrary date in October and found about 60 offers for €4 per night ...


Using metro in Caracas (Venezuela) is for free now. With sky-rocketing inflation, printing the tickets costed more than the ride so they made it free.


Not sure if the hotel is the cheapest in Europe, but I found one for $4.80 a night called the Old Road Apartments, link. (Not affiliated with the service). Or the cheapest in Belarus classified as a hotel is Райский сад for $4.99.


You can add a checked-in bag by modifying your booking online up to 2 hours before check-in, or at the baggage drop counter at the airport. The cost is 25 GBP/EUR if done upon booking the flight and 40 GBP/EUR if done after booking the flight. In general, it is cheaper to do this online and not at the baggage drop counter. Quoting from the linked website: ...

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