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Food is taxed arguably high in Estonia at 20% (law reference in Estonian) compared to the EU average of 5-6% (source in Estonian). This means it's a recurring discussion both politically and in news coverage. This coverage (in Estonian) from September 2019 gives the following lineup for a sample purchase of ~50 items (shown at the bottom of the article): ...


Rimi is a Norwegian budget supermarket with branches in Estonia, but I am not sure how the prices compare to other grocery stores. There are at least three Rimi stores in Tallinn's old town, so they may be worth looking into.


But could this be true? Yes. Does eDreams have some kind of deal to guarantee better prices for people buying through it? Yes. The details of the agreement are almost certainly commercially sensitive and not made public. I imagine the airline might benefit financially by having a block payment far in advance, and some shifting of the commercial risk ...


Yes! Estonia is actually awesome for thrift shopping for clothes! There are actually lots of used clothes shops here in Tallinn and the prices are low and the quality is high. There is even a chain of stores called Humana, including some which are Humana Vintage, which I suppose sell more collectible or designer stuff. At the moment Humana is selling ...


I remember that 2 or 3 years ago, Royal Air Maroc had a special deal for open-jaw fares, like this: X-Mohammed V-Y, where Mohammed V is the main international airport in Casablanca, and X and Y had to be two European cities from different countries (these fares were unavailable for simple round-trip tickets). I do not know if they still offer them.

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