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Indian citizen travelling to Belize

Passengers with a valid visa issued by a Schengen Member State, for a maximum stay of 90 days. International Air Transport Association List of Schengen Member States. Schengen Member States ...
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Is there somewhere in the Belize City airport to buy local coffee?

Two shops in the international terminal sell (the same) local coffee, one of the duty-free shops and the "convenience store." In December 2022, they sold 12 oz bags for 10 USD.
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Alternatives to get from Belize international airport to Belize City

From Trip Advisor: Yes, you can walk from airport to junction with Northern Highway and flag down a local bus headed to the bus station in the city.
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Indian Passport holder with a Multiple Entry US Visa traveling to Belize

You do not require a Visa for Belize but you do have to pay that $600 Fee N.B. U.S. Citizens and Holders of U.S. Permanent Resident Cards/U.S. Multiple Entries Visas do not require a visa to enter ...
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