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By Boat There are no boat services available that cross the lake from Montenegro to Albania, there are only boat tours available. By Bike There is a route round the lake but it is around 130 km long:


For North Macedonia: Entry in the Republic of North Macedonia for Schengen Visa Holders Citizens of the following countries are not required to have entry visa for the Republic of North Macedonia: (...) Third countries with multiple entry short stay Schengen visa type C valid at least 5 (five) days beyond the intended stay in the ...


In most countries the import tax or custom duties are usually assessed on what you are importing and what it holds in value. Depending on how old your computer and graphics cards are and what they hold in current resale value will be biggest factor if you will end up paying import tax or custom duties. The Albanian Customs website states: Each individual, ...


In most countries, it is possibly to do a temporary import. The above-mentioned ATA carnet is used in all countries you want to enter, including Albania. The German Customs Office explains re-export like this: Temporary admission The concept of this is similar to driving a car into another country. While you use the car there, it's a temporary import. ...

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