Questions about finding and using automated teller machines, also called cashpoints or cash machines.

An ATM (from automated teller machine) is a machine that lets customers of financial institutions withdraw cash from their accounts remotely. It is known by numerous different terms around the world, such as cashpoint, cash machine, ABM (automated banking machine), autoteller, and bankomat. Very often, the name of a national or regional interbank network may be used by locals synonymously, e.g. Geldautomat in Germany, Redbanc in Chile, or NYCE in parts of the United States.

Questions with this tag should be specifically about locating and using ATMs, such as operating hours, technologies in use, possible transactions, or currency denominations. General questions about financial institutions and handling currency are more appropriate to .

Many ATM cards issued today are linked with payment networks and can thus be used to make payments. Such uses are better covered with the tag .