For questions about travel for aesthetic pursuits.

Art has many different meanings and uses in English. Without a modifer, it commony refers to visual art. Thus, questions bearing this tag relate to the location, history, and appreciation of artworks created for their beautiful or emotionally impactful appearance, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, calligraphy, and so on. Questions about art museums should also be tagged with .

Other kinds of art are covered elsewhere.

  • Fine arts and related intellectual pursuits may be covered by the broad tag . Also use this tag for questions about travel to locations referenced in literature or popular media. Questions about travel for various cultural events may be found under and .

  • Performing arts such as theatre, cinema, dance performances, illusion, circus acts, and stage comedy are broadly tagged as , except has its own.

  • Questions about famous buildings, structures, and human environments may be found under or .

  • Travel related to the culinary arts, such as cooking classes, food appreciation, famous chefs or restaurants, or local cuisine, may be tagged as