The entire Subte network (sans the Premetro Light Rail and Urquiza Line + various train yards) is underground, so there are no major elevated portions of the network. If you are visiting to see elevated stations, I believe some of the commuter rail lines just underwent considerable grade separation projects, but those are technically not part of the Subte.


Just sharing my experience: some friends of mine of myself took the Buquebus boat service from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, then back from Montevideo to Buenos Aires on the same day in early January 2020. None of us received an Uruguayan stamp on their passport upon passing the Uruguayan immigration (we went through 2 Uruguayan immigration officers) at the ...


While some people in Argentina, mostly upper middle class, are starting to celebrate Halloween, it isn't not celebrated massively by any means. It's not mentioned at school, and you will not see people dressed up. If you put your kids in costume and start knocking doors at random for trick-or-treating, no one will know what you are doing, you will get no ...

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