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The best place for swimming in Arctic Ocean

Scandinavia is brushed by the Gulf Stream and therefore warmer than other regions at the same latitude. So the north of Norway is a good candidate. Norway is part of the Schengen Area. The south-west ...
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How to prepare for a winter trip to Yellowknife, clothing-wise?

I grew up in Winnipeg (not as far north as Yellowknife, but we had our share of weather below -30°C) and now I live in New England. If I was about to spend significant time outdoors in Winnipeg in ...
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Which tour companies have a full permit to access the Churchill Wildlife Management Area?

According to their website, that would be Frontiers North Adventures, they mention their permits on the website (emphasis mine) In addition to having permits to access areas of the Churchill ...
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The best place for swimming in Arctic Ocean

My own answer as follows: The beach of Ягры, Северодвинск, Russia allow you to swim in Arctic Ocean's White Sea while overlooking occassional nuclear submarines passing by. I have been there and it's ...
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Where is the petroglyph of Vågan, Norway?

All other information I can find about the petroglyph point to the same spot that you have found. On an older official map of the area, a historical site is marked with the symbol ᚱ at the same spot (...
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The best place for swimming in Arctic Ocean

I have gone swimming at the beach in Churchill, Manitoba. I am not sure how reliable the swimming is. I was there at the end of August, which was so off-season that the main coffee shop in town had ...
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What is the furthest north one can get without flying or taking special cruises?

The Qaanaaq Hotel ( in Greenland, 3971   Qaanaaq Kalaallit Nunaat, is at 77.469, and there is a whole village around it. They website explains: "The travel route is Copenhagen to ...
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