The status of a visa application that has been submitted, but not yet returned to the applicant. Questions about application processing time, questions about how to determine the status of a given application, and questions about cancelling an application should use this tag. Include applicant's nationality, type of visa applied for, and submission date/location to help expedite an answer. Also for questions about post-submission anxiety.

The visa process is especially difficult for individuals who have a low tolerance for ambiguity. These people react in different ways, some want to know the application status throughout the day and others exhibit 'post-submission-anxiety'...

"post-submission anxiety" refers to an end-user state where...

  1. They submitted the application without lots of planning;
  2. Then they started surfing the net for more info;
  3. At that point they may (or may not have) found the guidance;
  4. They may (or may not realize) that the application has problems; and
  5. Now they are flipping out.

These questions arise from a transient condition that will be resolved when they receive the decision. There is very little anyone can do to alleviate someone's post-submission anxiety. And few people can evaluate open-ended questions like "What are my chances of refusal?" without prescient abilities anyway.

The other use for this tag involves questions about learning the status of an application, cancelling an application, changing information on an application, and all the other things that are rarely covered elsewhere.