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You should consult your country's travel advisories. All countries maintain such advisories, usually the state department is responsible for them. For example here is Canada's advisory on Turkey. Currently they are not advising against travel, just urging people to be cautious. Similarly the US advisory does not advice against travel but does admonish ...


Demonstrations take place at Taksim square, which is a very small part of the numerous sightseeing of Istanbul. The historic center should be safe. Moreover, if you plan to visit other places, you should see no demonstration at all, except in very localized spots in Ankara.


The best source for authorized Apple retailers will be Apple itself. Apple's Turkish website links you to sales information in Turkish or English. A search for turns up listings and a map for dozens of authorized retailers within Ankara, and dozens more in nearby cities such as Kirikkale and Çankiri. Additionally, Apple's Online Store has been operating in ...


Demonstrations are nearly over in Turkey. Some demonstrations still happens, but for protesting the police who killed demonstrators. Since police do not interfere to the demonstrators due to previous police brutality events, nearly no clashes happen. You can also get information from local citizens about the protests since all are previously planned ...


You can purchase a ticket at Pendik station between 5:30AM and 10:30PM. Post offices (PTT) sell tickets as well, but only the branches listed here. If the day of travel is at the weekend, it is difficult to find a ticket on the same day. You are more likely to find one on other days. There is no dynamic pricing, so the prices never change. The most ...


You can buy a ticket on the day if travel, however, on some trains you run the risk that all seats will have been sold for that train. In which case you will not be able to purchase a ticket. The man in seat 61 says: "It's easy to buy tickets at the station when you get to Turkey. Most major stations have a computerised ticketing & reservation system, ...


Ankaray: 6:00 to 23:50 (time of departure from each terminus, arrival 15–20 minutes later at the end station, if I understand the automatic translation from Turkish correctly) Ankara Metrosu: 6:00 to 23:40 (time of departure from each terminus, with an extra train from Kızılay 0:20 to Ostim 0:40)


Overnight buses in Turkey run when the distance between the origin and destination is enough to allow a departure before midnight and an arrival after six in the morning. However, you don't get many six-hour routes that operate overnight. When a city is not the origin or destination, it is possible to find buses that pass through so that you get an ...


As pointed to by WGroleau and your use of Rome2Rio, from Istanbul to Ankara, a distance of some 260 miles/420 km, returned a number of bus, train, and combinations, all taking some 6-7 hours and costs ranging from $12-20 (from ₺ 60-95). Train/bus/train: Aksaray by M1 train to Otogar, change stations to Istanbul Otogari for bus to Gebze for YHT to Ankara ...


Note that list on Apple's page seems outdated. f.i. ElectroWorld closed all their stores in Turkey but they are still listed on Apple's website. In Ankara, you can pretty much find one of the authorized retailers in any shopping center/mall. Either MediaMarkt, D&R, TeknoSA, Gold Computer or Bimeks. At least one of these operate on any mall you pick. ...


SigueSigueBen's answer is mostly correct. Buses from Ankara to Goreme start running at 7.30am with a frequency of every two hours until 4.30pm, I think. However, there's an additional last bus now at 1.30am. Not sure which company it is with though.

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