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According to this article the rate of bags lost in Europe is about 8 per thousand. That's less than 1%. It goes on to say that 85% of bags reported as missing are delivered within 48 hours. Choose your layover on whatever basis you like, but lost bags shouldn't be an issue.


I cannot imagine 10% of luggage ever misconnected in AMS. This just seems sooooo much higher than anywhere else. Moreover, it would imply that KLM as the major user of the airport would have a rate of mishandle luggage at around 10%, which would have put them in an untenable business situation. More importantly, what matters is the mishandled rate now, ...


Last year I was part of the software team of sections of the baggage handling at Schiphol. From the data I saw there they never reached the 10% you claim. The year I was working the number of lost bags was 0.75%. Which is lower than the European average of 0.8%. Though that might be because of the number of significant digits.


As others have stated the loss rate you quote is probably a misquote, and these days probably irrelevant. Faster connections <1h increase the risk of luggage missing the connection, but they'll send it to you on the next flight. So if you're worried about late bags, pick the airport with the longer layover. Or better yet, plan your flight so the ...


From my own limited experience (fly once or twice a year, always from Amsterdam), luggage handling was very bad in the '90 but is good now. On returning home i hardly ever have to wait more then 15 mins for the luggage to arrive on the belt. Only once had two bags misplaced, they were sent after us on the next plane, this was about 15yrs ago. It used to be ...


I think I remember from years back when there was a strike or a system failure there was a huge backlog of luggage in Schiphol, it may even have happened a few times when they were installing the current luggage system. But that was years ago and I have not heard about system failures for a long time. If there was a 10% luggage delivery failure it was to ...

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