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How to take a boat from Iquitos to Santa Rosa/Laticia/Tabatinga?

How to take a boat from Iquitos to Santa Rosa/Laticia/Tabatinga Where to get up-to-date information iPeru provides information. In Iquitos, their office is at the location marked with (i) near the ...
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How does pricing on the Amazon River boats work?

As a rule of thumb, any board, if not written with chalk or easily editable, is outdated. I have found this site with prices (in Portuguese): Porto de Manaus Agency Also there's this trip's tips ...
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How can I find a guide who will take me safely through the Amazon jungle?

I went to Amazonia Expeditions in Iquitos and they assigned a local guide Manuel who is born in a village near their Tahuayo lodge. The owner was a retired researcher from US who married a lady from ...
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Stops on Manaus - Santarém - Belem boat trip

Your ticket is for one boat. In principle, you can not get off, wait, and get on another boat, without purchasing another ticket. Also, the long distance boats only go once or twice per week. There ...
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