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How do Ryanair transfers work at destination?

My experience: When I got to the destination airport, outside, there was a man waiting with a sign saying, "Ryanair transfers". I checked with him, he had my name and from there everything ...
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Can I use the OV-chipkaart to get from Schiphol to the center by train?

2024 update. You can still use an OV-chipcard in all trains in the Netherlands as long as you have €20 or more on it when you start the journey. Now you can also use a contactless bank card, ...
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CDG Self-Transfer Schengen to Non-Schengen

The terminal info you originally had (landing at T1) is probably wrong. Some sources (like and a number of services that use it) do indeed state Terminal 1 for that flight, but as far ...
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CDG Self-Transfer Schengen to Non-Schengen

@jcaron comment reminded me that AF doesn't operate out of T1 (mostly Star Alliance operate there) I'm not sure where you got the terminal info for the first flight, but and other ...
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Is 2 hours enough from bus to plane in Tallinn?

That's a stiff 20 minute walk, or a short tram ride. If you're on some budget flight, you should be more than fine, though you wouldn't want to run up a delay with the arrival of your bus.
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