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Carrying dry lentils in checked/carry on luggage?

One of your tags is airport security. If you focus solely on security you can board a plane with dry lentils and/or also carry them in your hold luggage. However, in many countries they won't pass the ...
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Bringing hair styling powder onto a plane

There are so many things that look like coke but their chemical analysis under the CT machine could easily reveal that they are NOT a coke. So, if you genuinely have a powder, which is a common thing ...
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On what step in the airport they check my visa?

At some point before boarding international flights (either during check-in or at the gate), airlines check if you have the appropriate paperwork to enter the destination country, and in some cases ...
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Transit Dubai with Duty Free

The liquids are refused because of security, not import or export. It is not allowed to bring liquids larger than the maximum size into a flight cabin, with the sole exception of when they were ...
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