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This is not regulated as far as I am aware. The Cabin Safety Subject Index does not even mention the tables nor do 14 CFR § 25.785 - Seats, berths, safety belts, and harnesses.


Airlines update their master schedules on cycles, usually with seasons. Each update will have the flights "frequency" which shows the days of the week in which the flight will operate, the effective date of the frequency, new routes and so on. Something like: XX#### YZZ 0300 CAI 2000 B773 MT.RF.U EFF 10OCT19 So the flights you see are based on the last ...


Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will be flying on the plane shown on the airline website since airlines tend to change equipment depending on their needs. However, as you correctly found out, Egypt Air is in the process of updating their equipment to 787 Dreamliners, so it is safe to say that, at some point in the future, the Toronto to Cairo ...

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